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1000 Nightmares Vol. 1: The First Bite

Our ferocious first issue delves into the darkest depth of war, religion, desperation and the meaning of life. Plus a sequel to Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven. The goal of this book is to break down the old conventions of short horror and do it better. We're tired of stories where nothing scary happens till the end and you know the ending on page two. Check out the series info elsewhere on Comixology for more details on our approach. This issue brings you amazingly talented creators from all over the world, including: Kazakhstan, Brazil, Argentina, Brittan and the good old USA. Plus a Simon Bisley cover and 27 pages of content for under $2. So come and join us for a creepy little ride we call, 1000 Nightmares. Note: The creators cannot be held legally liable for any emotional scars caused by the reading of this book. Enjoy the ride.



You can also purchase directly from Comixology HERE. But we encourage you to purchase here on this site so the author will be more fully compensated for his work if you purchase direct here on this site. 

1000 Nightmares #1