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The Laffterpieces series has earned an Amazon #1 New Release ranking. It’s a big hit - right across your funnybone. This book takes lowbrow humor to new heights. It has the kind of jokes you can’t tell your mom, unless you mom is a merchant marine or runs an all-you-can-drink tattoo parlor. It delves into vital issues like: what makes castration so funny, medieval vaginal rejuvenation and how Jesus spend his leisure time. If you’re looking for something that will change your life and elevate your consciousness then boy are you in the wrong place. If however, you want to laugh until snot shoots from your nose then your search is over. 

Laffterpieces takes actual paintings by some of the greatest artists in history and creates jokes based on the wild and unbelievable imagery those artists created. These are pictures done hundreds of years ago that are so jaw-droppingly crazy that you won’t believe they are actual paintings. But they are. They would be entertaining even if nothing was added but the jokes launch them right over the top on the funny scale. 


Bil Richardson is a underwear ninja from the planet Dingleberry 3. He has appeared on numerous TV shows pretending to be a Smurf. His last book was so popular that it was named prom king and class president in the same year. Enormous praise has been heaped on his previous work in order to try and bury it. He is so funny that people avoid him on the subway – or maybe that’s just the smell. Bil is a 33rd degree mason in the Church of Our Lord Hooha and a good dancer if he’s drunk enough. He enjoys long walks and Moonpies when they are in season. He has memorized over 1700 booger jokes. His mother is so proud.

Laffterpieces #1