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The Laffterpieces series has earned an Amazon #1 New Release ranking. 

Penis, feces and vagina – these are funny words that are the socially acceptable names for things. Each also has slang versions that are even funnier, like tallywacker, brown round and cooder. There are also names for the exact same things that are even funnier but are considered lewd and I am not allowed to write them here. These latter words are sometime referred to obliquely as the S-word or the P-word and for some reason that is acceptable even though we all know what they’re really talking about. Why are some names for things socially acceptable and others aren’t. How should I know. I just wanted an excuse to say them. I guess I could justify their use by telling you that many of these words appear in this book. And that would be true. But the honest answer is that they are funny and my goal is to make you laugh. If you would like more laughter then please consider selecting this book for your reading pleasure. If any of these words offend you then I apologize and suggest you look elsewhere for your humor. I hear Plato is a riot – especially if read in the original Greek. 

Laffterpieces takes actual paintings by some of the greatest artists in history and creates jokes based on the wild and unbelievable imagery those artists created. These are pictures done hundreds of years ago that are so jaw-droppingly crazy that you won’t believe they are actual paintings. But they are. They would be entertaining even if nothing was added to them but the jokes launch them right over the top on the funny scale. 


Bil Richardson is an award winning somnambulist that Joseph Stalin called, the most important comedic genius of our time. Newspapers frequently cover Bil, especially when he is sleeping on a park bench. He has traveled to most of the countries where dog eating is permissible. He can hum the complete works of William Shakespeare and has mastered the aardvark as a percussion instrument. His hobbies include: crafting offensive limericks, competitive nose picking and reciting the constitution in Pig Latin. His first theater appearance was at 13. He was there to watch Back to the Future 3. He is also an ardent animal lover but not in the way that Irish sheep farmers are.

Laffterpieces #2